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Overall role description:

The producer coordinates and supervises all aspects of a production, from the creative to the administrative. Producers also make the financial decisions and handle contracts, talent and bargaining agreements, and other administrative details. While producers get to be in on the fun of planning and executing a production, they also deal with troubles during production and keep everything within budget.

A general description of tasks that producers manage:

  • Fundraising and networking
  • Working with financial backers
  • Securing rights to the creative work
  • Hiring a director, crew, and actors
  • Organizing shooting and production schedules
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations during production
  • Supervising the entire project from beginning to post-production
  • Holding regular meetings with director to discuss progress
  • Ensuring the project is done on time and within the budget

Have questions or interested in learning more about working with our team? Email inquiries to! Click here to read the full description. Compensation is provided and negotiable. 

Hello all!

I hope this message finds you all well. I’m writing to you a few weeks after the last screening of the Gabby Smashes pilot episode at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. It was a wonderful experience sharing the project with attendees at the conference and fostering new connections with supporters of the show! I continue to be grateful for the ongoing support.

I wanted to share news with you all that Dawn Jones Redstone is stepping away from the project as a Co-Executive Producer and Director for Gabby Smashes and has taken on the new role of Consulting Producer. Since the moment she joined the team last year, Dawn has been instrumental in bringing this project to the next level and I personally am eternally grateful for her unyielding support, guidance, and thought partnership that she provided. What started as an ambitious idea years before, Dawn came in planting a seed with her talents, skills, and creative insight which ultimately breathed new life and direction into the project that I would not have been able to do alone.

I am of course, saddened at Dawn’s departure but like most indie film projects that are underfunded and have unclear and uncertain timelines, that is the reality of the evolution of these projects. However, I am grateful for the time we spent working together and I look forward to supporting Dawn in other ways with her upcoming feature film project that she’s been working on!

Lastly, I’m excited to introduce to you our new director!

Please meet Christian Henry, our new director! Christian is a filmmaker and a television writer/producer for a network affiliate of NBC. Her recent work includes producing the award-winning short film We Have Our Ways. The film was named the Best Oregon Short Film at the 2018 Portland International Film Festival. Christian’s film, From Salem to the Salon, screened in the 2016 Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival and the Oregon Lens Film Festival by OPB. Christian also serves on the board for the Portland chapter of Women In Film. She was named one of Portland’s Top 10 Social Changemakers by Mac’s List.

I look forward to working with Christian and our writing team (announcement coming soon!) in developing the rest of the season of Gabby Smashes.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Gabby Smashes and my little dream! I am filled with immense gratitude in recognizing the many people that have worked on (and continue to work on), supported, and helped build this project from the ground up. No one can do these projects entirely by themselves so I am constantly humbled by the amount of support, contributions, and love Gabby Smashes receives.

More to come soon. Have a good weekend!


Luann Algoso
Creator and Executive Producer

Hi everyone!

Today is the one-year anniversary of when our web series succeeded in meeting its goal of raising about $13,000 to cover the costs of production! Thanks to all of our amazing backers, we were able to create the pilot episode of Gabby Smashes that you see online today. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into that pilot and we’re so proud of what we’ve created and the opportunities it’s provided our team in sharing the show with more audiences.

Today is ALSO my birthday. 😉

And we’re now in the pre-production stage of filming the rest of the season and we need your help! 

Between Dawn and I (director and co-executive producer) we have been fortunate to travel to different cities to share Gabby Smashes through local screenings and film festivals, but the cost of travel and labor often comes out of our pockets. And as we move into the writing and editing stage of new episodes, funding for that labor of our writing team also isn’t covered.

Students at Oregon State University after a workshop led by Luann Algoso and before a screening of Gabby Smashes.

So today, on the anniversary of us achieving our goal of raising funds through our Seed&Spark campaign, AND on my birthday, I’m asking for your help to raise $1000 to support this women of color-led project! 

Your donation would help cover: 
– Film festival submissions
– Travel to screenings and film festivals
– Labor of our writing team (to be announced soon)
– Marketing/promotions

Having funds to cover the labor of promoting this project and the writing process supports the ongoing needs of our expanding team. Dawn and I especially, have put in countless hours of work during this time in between production and often the labor of producing, marketing, promotions, traveling for speaking engagements and so on, can go unrecognized and is exhausting but absolutely worth it if we want to reach more audiences and supporters!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart in your continued support of this project that started out as a mere dream. Your contribution keeps this project alive, so anything you can give today makes a huge difference!

My deepest gratitude,

Luann Algoso
Series Creator


Most of the cast and production crew from the last day of filming the pilot episode of Gabby Smashes.

Since the premiere of Gabby Smashes the Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist Patriarchy, we’ve been busy bringing the pilot episode to groups throughout the country! Last week we were in New York City for the Workers Unite! Film Festival, and in the coming weeks we’re bringing Gabby Smashes to more cities: Corvallis, OR; San Francisco, CA; and back to New York, NY. Find one nearest to you:

Oregon State University

Date: Thursday, May 17th, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Location: Asian & Pacific Cultural Center (2695 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331)
Sponsored by the Asian Pacific American Student Union, Women’s Center, Pride Center, Center for Civic Engagement, & President’s Commission on the Status of Women

Workers Unite! Film Festival

Date: Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Time: 7:00 –11:00pm
Location: Crystal Lake Brooklyn (647 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211)
Registration: $10; Info and tickets


San Francisco International Queer Women of Color Film Festival

Date: Friday, June 8th, 2018
Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm, doors at 6:30pm
Location: Brava (2781 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94110)
Festival details

Can’t make the screenings but want to make sure your friends know about Gabby? Do us a favor and share it with your friends! Word of mouth is the most effective way of getting our show out to the world, and it only takes a second for you to share it:

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Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that our web series has a new official title: Gabby Antonio Smashes the Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy. Sound familiar? We would hope so! The term “Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy” was coined by bell hooks, a feminist theorist, cultural critic, artist, and writer. Her writings cover topics of gender, race, class, spirituality, teaching, and the significance of media in contemporary culture. For those unfamiliar with bell hooks and her body of work, you can learn more here.

The series hopes to keep up with the spirit of this bell hooks phrase as we explore the complexities and nuances when it comes to social justice work, and what it means to do good as a woman of color living and working under systems of, well, the Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy!

We’ll be announcing more exciting news in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

Last month, our wildest dreams came true: we filmed the Nonprofit Web Series pilot episode. And in those two and a half days, this series went from being a funny, but long shot idea to a full-blown reality. While the series wants you to laugh, the inception of Nonprofit Web Series came out of the very real and raw experiences of people of color navigating difference spaces in our lives. So, thank you, from the bottom of all our hearts, for believing in, supporting, and backing this project!

While you’re here, take a moment to hear from a few of our cast members’ reflections on what the Nonprofit Series means to them.

A focus on Chris Reyes (played by Toni Tabora-Roberts) and David David Sukbunsung (played by Samson Syharath).

“I was so happy to be a part of this pilot. Everyone was so wonderful to work with and it was wonderful just bonding with other artists of color. It’s amazing how I don’t realize that I’m not being my true self until I am completely surrounded by people that I feel comfortable with.

I’ve worked in the nonprofit world for a while and it is such a crazy, hilarious environment to work in. It’s the perfect setting for a show. I am also excited to see a show about people of color written by people of color. It’s nice to know our stories are being told from our perspective.”

– Samson Syharath

Billy takes a group photo after shooting the final scene and wrapping up a very long day!

“AAPI and LGBT actors are overlooked, especially in the mainstream media. I hate to use the term “White Hollywood” because it’s cliche, but it’s also true. There’s very little diversity. Even so, with Nonprofit, we’re letting the world know that we’re here. So no more  ‘We can’t find a person of color for this role, so we’ll just use a white person.’”

– Billy Boudavong

Trinh Nguyen (as played by Claudia Iao) walking with Gabby Antonio (as played by Luann Algoso).

“Oh, my lucky stars. I 100% super hope people watching Nonprofit feel any/some type of catharsis. Whether from relating to the plight of non-profit work, laughing at goofy shenanigans, and watching everything in-between, yes to all of it…especially in our current social and political climate.

Trinh’s character description definitely spearheaded my interest in joining the cast: a relatable and well-thought-out character breakdown for an AAPI actor? UH YES PLEASE! And after reading up about Non-Profit, I immediately resonated with the production’s message and goal to showcase women of color and provide a narrative to an underrepresented voice in media.”

– Claudia Iao

Shep (as played by Jonathan Miles) and Kam (as played by Billy Boudavong) waiting to serve drinks.

“I’ve worked with Dawn Jones Redstone before and I’m a fan of her work bringing women forward in storytelling through film. When Dawn first contacted me about Nonprofit I leapt at the chance to work with her again. She told me a little about the character and I immediately recognized the reference to some instances of cultural appropriation in Portland. When I read the script, Luann’s writing grabbed me. It’s bold and dangerous and funny and I couldn’t wait to be part of bringing this story to life.

Currently, Hollywood’s AAPI-representation swings between either making a caricature of or completely invisibilizing it. Thankfully this pendulum is being replaced with stories by and about members of the AAPI community thanks to projects like Nonprofit.

– Jonathan Miles

Fires blazing in Oregon. Hurricanes and flooding happening in the South. DREAMERS under threat of being deported. It is extremely difficult to come back to reality after such a long and amazing weekend among talented and dedicated people that worked on the pilot production of Nonprofit Web Series. And while I am still caring for myself after the long weekend and fighting the overwhelming emotions that my depression and anxiety brings whenever I publicly expose such vulnerable parts of myself combined with the utter BS happening in the world today – I am still filled with compassion, love, and the motivation to continue writing and performing authentic stories that strive to change the hearts and minds of people.

Words cannot fully capture the gratitude I have for our director Dawn Jones Redstone who took a risk with me in bringing this story to life. Only hopping on the project in May, Dawn signed on as a co-writer, director, and producer. After two years of working on this project, grappling with my anxiety over releasing it into the world, and finally admitting to myself that I wanted to perform in it and immediately diving into the deep end with acting lessons, it wasn’t until Dawn joined that we truly took this project to the next level. I’m truly proud of the work we created together and I can’t wait for people to see it!

Thank you to Amy Nieto-Cruz for jumping on board and taking a chance on producing this project! She joined even before reading the script and after meeting only one time, and for that I am truly indebted to your generosity and support. Thank you to the wonderful, dedicated, and badass group of women that made production possible under extreme weather conditions, including Aileen Sheedy, Nora Colie, Sika Stanton, Molly Pettit, Jeanette Li, Jade Harris, Sarah Collins, Lokyee Au, Gaby Tirta Jenkins, Wynee Hu, Margie Rudick and Bonnie Stinson.

Thank you to the funny and talented cast for bringing it with each of your performances Toni Tabora-Roberts, Samson Syharath, Claudia Iao, Billy Boudavong, and Jonathan Miles!

Thank you to all the friends that came out to be an extra including Marilou Carrera, Jake Vermaas, Cameron Whitten, Virginia Luka, Steph Routh, Tamara Lynne, Gaylen Beatty, Cindy Gerber, and so many more.

A special shout out to those that believed in Nonprofit from the beginning – Joe Jiang, Jessica Yen, Candace Kita, June Reyes, and Scott Jung.

I feel truly blessed and honored to have worked with such a lovely and hardworking bunch. What’s next? We’re moving into post-production and will be releasing our collective hard work shortly – keep an eye out!

– Luann Algoso 
Nonprofit Web Series Creator & Producer


Production Type: Pilot/Comedy
Shooting date: September 2 & 3, 2017
Meals included, non-union, indie production

  • September 2 or 3 shooting date after 5pm: Need White extras, twenties/thirties, trendy and hipster clothing attire.

Nonprofit is about a girl on a mission in America’s whitest city. It’s centered on the story of Gabby Antonio – a quirky, spunky, and idealistic Filipina American that is just beginning her career as a community organizer. The series follows Gabby and her coworkers at the local nonprofit organization, Asian Pacific Islanders in Solidarity & Alliance (APIISA), as she learns that being in the business of “doing good”, particularly as a woman of color, may not be as effortless as it seems.

Director: Dawn Jones Redstone, award-winning director
Creator: Luann Algoso Production type: Online/web series
Producer: Amy Nieto-Cruz Length: 15 minutes
Nonprofit in the press: OPB News, Colors of Influence, Bread and Roses

Please email a cellphone photo of yourself to with the subject line “Nonprofit Extra” by Saturday, August 19th!

Download the PDF of this announcement here.