Are you our next producer?!

The Gabby Smashes team is looking for a producer to lead the production of season 1! Are you the right person for the job? Click here to read more about the role!

Overall role description:

The producer coordinates and supervises all aspects of a production, from the creative to the administrative. Producers also make the financial decisions and handle contracts, talent and bargaining agreements, and other administrative details. While producers get to be in on the fun of planning and executing a production, they also deal with troubles during production and keep everything within budget.

A general description of tasks that producers manage:

  • Fundraising and networking
  • Working with financial backers
  • Securing rights to the creative work
  • Hiring a director, crew, and actors
  • Organizing shooting and production schedules
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations during production
  • Supervising the entire project from beginning to post-production
  • Holding regular meetings with director to discuss progress
  • Ensuring the project is done on time and within the budget

Have questions or interested in learning more about working with our team? Email inquiries to! Click here to read the full description. Compensation is provided and negotiable. 

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