Writing and humor as survival tools.

My name is June, and I’m one of the writers for season one of Gabby Smashes– a comedy web series that follows the story of Gabby, a very passionate and quirky Filipina in her rookie year in the non-profit world in Portland, Oregon.

When I write for the characters in Gabby Smashes, I think of the many people in the non-profit space showing up for diversity, equity, and inclusion work. As a woman of color in that work, it brings up a combination of things on a daily basis –nervousness for the next retreat or DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) training, racial imposter syndrome, pure joy from a well-facilitated meeting, pride in having a racial equity statement and at the same time anxiety around the responsibility of holding myself and others up to the statement, and more. For me, one of my hopes for Gabby Smashes is to honor those jumping into that space by letting them know that their struggles are real and valid and sometimes the bizarre and comical can be healing.

In a world where tuning out of things is becoming an important survival tool, Gabby Smashes invites folks to tune in and be both present and critical of Gabby’s day-to-day through humor and laughter.

Like a lot of good things, it takes a lot of belief, support, and community to make it happen. I invite you to become part of the story of Gabby Smashes by making a pledge to our Seed & Spark campaign so we can make this season a reality.

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