Nonprofit Web Series Needs Extras!


Production Type: Pilot/Comedy
Shooting date: September 2 & 3, 2017
Meals included, non-union, indie production

  • September 2 or 3 shooting date after 5pm: Need White extras, twenties/thirties, trendy and hipster clothing attire.

Nonprofit is about a girl on a mission in America’s whitest city. It’s centered on the story of Gabby Antonio – a quirky, spunky, and idealistic Filipina American that is just beginning her career as a community organizer. The series follows Gabby and her coworkers at the local nonprofit organization, Asian Pacific Islanders in Solidarity & Alliance (APIISA), as she learns that being in the business of “doing good”, particularly as a woman of color, may not be as effortless as it seems.

Director: Dawn Jones Redstone, award-winning director
Creator: Luann Algoso Production type: Online/web series
Producer: Amy Nieto-Cruz Length: 15 minutes
Nonprofit in the press: OPB News, Colors of Influence, Bread and Roses

Please email a cellphone photo of yourself to with the subject line “Nonprofit Extra” by Saturday, August 19th!

Download the PDF of this announcement here.

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