Production Type: Pilot/Comedy
Shooting date: September 2 & 3, 2017
1 rehearsal/wardrobe fitting prior to filming
Paid, meals included, non-union, indie production

Please send email of interest in applying to nonprofitwebseries@gmail.com and we will send you instructions for the video audition.
*Email resumes and headshots along with a video audition to nonprofitwebseries@gmail.com.* 

Deadline for applications: Sunday, July 23rd by 10pm

Nonprofit is about a girl on a mission in America’s whitest city. it’s centered on the story of Gabby Antonio – a quirky, spunky, and idealistic Filipina American that is just beginning her career as a community organizer. The series follows Gabby and her coworkers at the local nonprofit organization, Asian Pacific Islanders in Solidarity & Alliance (APIISA), as she learns that being in the business of  “doing good”, particularly as a woman of color, may not be as effortless as it seems.

Director: Dawn Jones Redstone, award-winning director
Creator: Luann Algoso Production type: Online/web series
Producer: Amy Nieto-Cruz Length: 15 minutes
Nonprofit in the press: OPB News, Colors of Influence, Bread and Roses


Kam Gender: Male Playing age: Twenties
Other physical characteristics: Pacific Islander; fit and wears casual clothes, hoodies and jeans.
Personality of character: Kam is shy in nature, has a calm demeanor, and is often mistaken for being standoffish. He’s confident and arrogant and is extremely passionate about social justice. He’s also an expert community organizer so he’s knowledgeable and has a sharp analysis.

Character: Trinh Nguyen Gender: Female Playing age: Twenties
Other physical characteristics: Asian, preferred Chinese or Vietnamese; Trinh is fit and average height. She wears the latest fashion trends and prefers wearing heels with all of her outfits.
Personality of character: Trinh is a natural born leader and the life of the party. She is charismatic, creative, confident, and dramatic.

Character: Auntie Bernadette Gender: Female Playing age: Over 65 years old
Note: Minor character; non-speaking role
Other physical characteristics:  Asian, open ethnicity.
Personality of character: Spunky, spacey, non-English speaker.

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