From the cast: Our deepest appreciations

Last month, our wildest dreams came true: we filmed the Nonprofit Web Series pilot episode. And in those two and a half days, this series went from being a funny, but long shot idea to a full-blown reality. While the series wants you to laugh, the inception of Nonprofit Web Series came out of the very real and raw experiences of people of color navigating difference spaces in our lives. So, thank you, from the bottom of all our hearts, for believing in, supporting, and backing this project!

While you’re here, take a moment to hear from a few of our cast members’ reflections on what the Nonprofit Series means to them.

A focus on Chris Reyes (played by Toni Tabora-Roberts) and David David Sukbunsung (played by Samson Syharath).

“I was so happy to be a part of this pilot. Everyone was so wonderful to work with and it was wonderful just bonding with other artists of color. It’s amazing how I don’t realize that I’m not being my true self until I am completely surrounded by people that I feel comfortable with.

I’ve worked in the nonprofit world for a while and it is such a crazy, hilarious environment to work in. It’s the perfect setting for a show. I am also excited to see a show about people of color written by people of color. It’s nice to know our stories are being told from our perspective.”

– Samson Syharath

Billy takes a group photo after shooting the final scene and wrapping up a very long day!

“AAPI and LGBT actors are overlooked, especially in the mainstream media. I hate to use the term “White Hollywood” because it’s cliche, but it’s also true. There’s very little diversity. Even so, with Nonprofit, we’re letting the world know that we’re here. So no more  ‘We can’t find a person of color for this role, so we’ll just use a white person.’”

– Billy Boudavong

Trinh Nguyen (as played by Claudia Iao) walking with Gabby Antonio (as played by Luann Algoso).

“Oh, my lucky stars. I 100% super hope people watching Nonprofit feel any/some type of catharsis. Whether from relating to the plight of non-profit work, laughing at goofy shenanigans, and watching everything in-between, yes to all of it…especially in our current social and political climate.

Trinh’s character description definitely spearheaded my interest in joining the cast: a relatable and well-thought-out character breakdown for an AAPI actor? UH YES PLEASE! And after reading up about Non-Profit, I immediately resonated with the production’s message and goal to showcase women of color and provide a narrative to an underrepresented voice in media.”

– Claudia Iao

Shep (as played by Jonathan Miles) and Kam (as played by Billy Boudavong) waiting to serve drinks.

“I’ve worked with Dawn Jones Redstone before and I’m a fan of her work bringing women forward in storytelling through film. When Dawn first contacted me about Nonprofit I leapt at the chance to work with her again. She told me a little about the character and I immediately recognized the reference to some instances of cultural appropriation in Portland. When I read the script, Luann’s writing grabbed me. It’s bold and dangerous and funny and I couldn’t wait to be part of bringing this story to life.

Currently, Hollywood’s AAPI-representation swings between either making a caricature of or completely invisibilizing it. Thankfully this pendulum is being replaced with stories by and about members of the AAPI community thanks to projects like Nonprofit.

– Jonathan Miles

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