Only $365 left to raise! Plus meet our new team members!

We’re excited to announce two new members of the team: Producer, Rachel Hills, and Director, Dawn Jones Redstone! 

A little more information about both:

Dawn Jones Redstone is an award-winning gay, Latina filmmaker best known as director and co-writer of the acclaimed dramatic short film, Sista in the Brotherhood. Dawn has worked in and around the non-profit world for 14 years as an employee, board member and a subcontractor and is ready to mine the wealth of comedy, this sector has to offer! Learn more about her work on her website here.

Rachel Hills is a New York-based writer, speaker, and activist who is interested in the space where the personal meets the political. She is a college speaker on sex and gender issues, and the author of a book called The Sex Myth, which published in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK in August 2015. She is also the Executive Director of Break the Sex Myth, an activist organization that believes that raw, honest, critically-engaged dialogue about subjects that are typically perceived as too private to talk about can transform the way we see the world, measure our value, and treat other people. Learn more about her work here.

You can read more about their work on our website here.

As of today, we are about 77% of the way to our goal of raising $12,500 to support production costs of the filming of the pilot episode of Nonprofit Web Series. We have only 1 day and 2 hours left and we need to raise at least 80% of the goal (at least $10,000) in order for us to receive the funds raised. That means we just need to raise $365 more! WE CAN DO THIS. 

We know we can get there with the help of our community. Can you make a pledge today to support POC-centered stories? Plus TODAY is my birthday! 😉

Luann Algoso

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