RELEASE: Nonprofit explores the nonprofit world through the lens of a woman of color living in the whitest city in America

May 3, 2017

Amy Nieto-Cruz
Producer of Nonprofit

Nonprofit explores the nonprofit world through the lens of a woman of color living in the whitest city in America

New web series offers counter narrative to Portlandia and centers the stories of communities of color living and working in Portland, Oregon

[Portland, Ore] On May 3, 2017, the new web series Nonprofit, a story that highlights the experience of a Filipina-American working for an advocacy nonprofit in Portland, Oregon will launch a crowdfunding campaign to support production costs to film the pilot episode. The grassroots effort is led by a team entirely made up of artists of color and comes at the end of an era created by Portlandia, a show that has for better or worse, helped cultivate the identity of the Pacific Northwest city for the past seven seasons.

Nonprofit was created by local artist-activist and organizer, Luann Algoso, after having worked in nonprofits in Portland. “This project is a way of sharing my story as a woman of color working and living in a major city that is 76% white, and also aims to highlight the narratives of communities of color that are often neglected in the mainstream media,” she shares. “‘Nonprofit’ is my attempt at challenging the dominant narratives about Portland because people of color live here too.”

Nonprofit follows the story of Gabby Antonio, a quirky and idealistic 25-year-old Filipina American that works as a community organizer at an advocacy nonprofit in Portland, Oregon. The pilot focuses on Gabby working through a series of obstacles – like a community training gone wrong, being stopped by a canvasser with a white savior complex, and gathering the nerve to interact with her biggest crush – in order to achieve her goal of planning a successful community-led neighborhood block party.

To learn more about Nonprofit: A Web Series, please visit

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