Thanks to the generous support from our new producer, Rachel Hills (The Sex Myth), if you pledge $50 or more before this Friday, June 2nd, your funds will be matched!!! 

As of today, we are about 69% of the way to our goal of raising $12,500 to support production costs of the filming of the pilot episode of Nonprofit Web Series. We have only 2 days left and we need to raise at least 80% of the goal (at least $10,000) in order for us to receive the funds raised. That means we just need to raise $1,305 more! WE CAN DO THIS. 

We know we can get there with the help of our community. Can you make a pledge today to support POC-centered stories? Back our project here:

Getting this far with Nonprofit would not have been possible without the amazing and dedicated team behind it. There were several times where I was convinced that this project would never see the light of day, either due to being stuck in the writing or workshop process, or due to my anxiety getting the best of me, convincing me that my acting or writing ain’t there yet.

And yet, this group has continued to stick with me through the whole process despite the setbacks and my fears of being completely vulnerable. I’m truly grateful for their support and commitment!

Learn more about the team behind the project here.